Having an online presence is an essential part of any business, having an online presence isn’t a tangible, physical thing, it’s all visual.

Read below why the visual aspect of your business is so important.

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In 2005, The Design Council looked at companies that traded on the FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) over the course of a decade and they discovered that companies that put more effort and emphasis on design out-performed those that didn’t. They determined that every £100 spent on design increased turnover by £225. Read the full report here.

First Impressions.

People will judge your company based on the quality of your website. A recent study that you can read here, proved that when participants were asked to visit certain websites, 94% of their first impressions were all design related and only 6% were content related issues. Of the negative feedback, most said that the reasons the websites didn’t feel trust-worthy or reliable was due to multiple design areas. Including: the layout was too busy, text was too small, too much text, boring or outdated web design, lack of navigation aids and slow loading pages.


Good designs means you instantly become a memorable brand. Good customer service, a great product or service inevitably will put you on the map but in order to catch people’s eye and remember you, you need to be visually memorable. Using design techniques such as using a selective use of colour can trigger certain memories and keep your business fresh in people’s minds. Read more on that subject here.


Investing in design and making a user-friendly online space constantly reiterates the narrative that you are trust-worthy, reliable, passionate and most importantly customer oriented. It reminds people that you care, it’s as simple as that.

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